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If Your Humidifier Leaks, Get Emergency Service

If Your Humidifier Leaks, Get Emergency ServiceIf your humidifier leaks, you’ve got a significant problem on your hands. Left unchecked, humidifier leaks can lead to serious damage to your home, and compromise the health of the system itself. If you notice any water leaking out of the humidifier, contact an expert immediately. The technician will look for the source of the problem, which can include any of these possible causes:

  • Problems with drainage – The drain line that whisks water out of the system must slope away from the unit, and it should be as straight as possible. If it isn’t, air may interfere with the proper drainage of water, and cause the line to back up. The technician will adjust the slope of the line, and flush it. Alternatively, the drain line may need to be replaced if it’s damaged.
  • A clogged evaporator panel – The evaporator panel and the scale-control insert work together to remove sediment from the water before the humidifier releases water vapor into the air. A clogged panel creates problems for the scale-control insert. When filled with residue, it blocks the opening to the drain, a possible cause of humidifier leaks. In this scenario, the technician will install a new evaporator panel and clean the scale insert.
  • A clogged solenoid valve – Dirt buildup on the solenoid valve prevents it from closing completely, causing a water leak that will only continue to grow if more dirt and sediment build up on the valve. To remove the buildup, the technician will backwash the system with water, using a light pressure to safely remove sediment without harming the components.
  • Improper pressure The humidifier’s pressure must be set to manufacturer’s specifications. Pressure that’s too low may decrease the system’s capacity, while pressure that’s too high will lead to humidifier leaks. The technician will test the humidifier’s pressure, and employ a pressure reducer to lower the unit’s operating pressure to safe levels.

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