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If Your Home’s Never Had Duct Cleaning Performed, It’s Crucial To Have It Done Now

Over the years, as your HVAC system delivers conditioned air into your home, it’s inevitable that dust and other debris build up in the ductwork, the pipes that are the conduit for air transfer. It’s important to have duct cleaning done, because the ducts that send air to your home should be as clean as the systems that generate it.

Experts generally agree that duct cleaning can be beneficial if you have:

  • Never had it done. While annual duct cleaning is not necessary, it is helpful to clean ducts every few years. If, to your knowledge, your home’s ducts have never been cleaned, or it’s been over five years, it’s probably time to have it done.
  • If you have pets. Pets that have fur can contribute to increased hair and dander, which eventually circulates through the home’s ductwork. If you have pets, you should consider having duct cleaning performed more often, every 2 years.
  • Water issues. If water is present in ducts, the potential for mould exists. Duct cleaning removes mould and cleans the entire duct system, helping you avoid further mould growth and potential health problems.
  • New construction. If you’ve just moved into a new home, construction has probably left a layer of dust throughout the home, and duct cleaning can remove residue, such as sawdust and fibreglass from insulation.
  • Dirty return ducts. Studies have shown that return ducts are more prone to dirt buildup than supply ducts, because they tend to be larger and air moves more slowly in them. The occasional duct cleaning can help.
  • Airflow Problems. It can be to your benefit to have the ducts cleaned before you decide to replace or redesign ducts, which is a more costly endeavour than cleaning. Duct cleaning can also help to pinpoint anything that’s blocking ducts.

If you’re experiencing any of the above factors, you’ll benefit from duct cleaning. The experts at Arpi’s Industries are available to help. Contact our duct-cleaning techniciansto schedule an appointment.

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