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If You Need a New Water Heater, Here Are Some Costs to Consider

If You Need a New Water Heater, Here Are Some Costs to ConsiderNew water heater costs depend on more than the price of the heater to install. Every installation is unique to each individual home site. Here are some things to consider.

1. Size matters. What size will you need to supply the hot water needs for your family? You will want to consult a qualified installation technician.

  • Tankless or on demand type heaters rate the maximum temperature rise at the flow rate. You need to know the flow rate to know what size you will need. Also, will you be using multiple water heaters at multiple locations throughout your home, or one unit for your whole house?
  • Solar water heater size depends on the storage volume you will need for all of your family’s hot water needs. The contractor will have programs to help you determine the size you need.
  • Storage water heater size is related to the first hour rating, or the gallons per hour of hot water that can be reached in one hour when starting with a full storage tank. Look for ratings within a couple of gallons that will match your household needs.

2. Up to code. What type of water heater you have in your home currently affects the price of replacing it with a new one. If your existing water heater was not installed properly it may cost more to put the new one in correctly. Building code updates may also require a change to the original installation.

3. Energy efficiency. Expect to pay more for more energy saving models. These have a higher upfront cost, but will save you money in the long run over the life of your new water heater.

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