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HVAC Service Quotes Give You Information You Can Use, Why You Should Look At The Fine Print

When you need installation or repair work done, it’s wise to get several HVAC quotes. However, once you have those quotes in hand, do you know how to select a contractor based on their information? Arpi’s is confident that you’ll find our service and expertise second to none, and we want you to know how to read those quotes so you get the best equipment for the right price.

Essentially, HVAC quotes should include enough information so that you know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for. Here are a few things you can expect a good HVAC contractor to explain and clarify:


If you’re having a furnace or A/C replaced, look to see what kind of thermostat is included. Is a programmable thermostat part of the package? This type of unit will give you the best comfort and control over your system.


Does the recommended efficiency of the new system meet your needs? Does your home’s seal accommodate a more efficient system? Do you need to upgrade insulation, for example, in order to reach that efficiency?


Sometimes homeowners are so consumed with choosing the right system that they overlook the noise factor. High-speed systems can be noisy, and air handlers might also contribute to noise levels. If this is important to you, ask about the noise levels of the recommended systems.


Most HVAC companies offer warranties, along with manufacturers. However, you can also ask about extended warranties. These often cost extra, but you’re assured that the same people who installed your system and service it will come out and repair it if necessary. Having this continuity of knowledge is advantageous for homeowners.


Need financing? Most HVAC service companies offer financing. Inquire in detail about the terms before signing.

To select the contractor and system that best suits your needs and budget, consider equipment, efficiency, noise, warranty and financing. And remember: the cheapest deal is not necessarily the best deal. Contact the expert technicians at Arpi’s for a consultation. Our years of installation and service make us a great choice for your next installation.

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