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Winter Allergies Affect Many Canadian Homeowners — How to Prevent Them

Winter Allergies Affect Many Canadian Homeowners — How to Prevent ThemMany Calgary residents consider fall and spring to be the seasons when allergy symptoms get worse. Winter, however, can be equally bad for people with certain allergies, such as dust, pet dander and mold, due to decreased ventilation indoors and less time spent outdoors. There are ways to alleviate winter allergy symptoms, though, and to control allergens in your home this winter. Here are the best ways to prevent winter allergies in your house:

  1. Do more laundry. Dust mites love to make themselves at home in soft, plush items that are frequently used, so wash bedding and sleepwear weekly, if not more often, in hot water. Drapes, slipcovers and any other removable furniture covers should also be washed frequently. 
  2. Change your furnace filter. Clogged filters not only keep your furnace from working efficiently; they also don’t collect particles. Replace the air filter at least every three to four months for cleaner air.
  3. Train your pets. If anyone in the household has pet allergies, be sure to keep animals off of furniture and beds. Bedding and upholstery can hold pet dander and trigger allergy symptoms long after the pet has moved on.
  4. Vacuum and wipe surfaces frequently. Brooms and feather dusters only stir dust up, which can often make winter allergies worse. Use a vacuum for floors and a damp rag for surfaces, so you can be sure the dust is actually being captured.
  5. Use a humidifier. Many allergens can’t thrive in environments with higher humidity, so you can slow down the progress of dust mites by keeping the house humid during the winter.
  6. Try an air purifier. Since flare-ups of winter allergies are often triggered by the decrease in ventilation once winter arrives, an air cleaning system is ideal for trapping particles. Tiny, stand-alone systems may be fine for small spaces, but the most efficient option for the entire home is a whole-house air purification system. 

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