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How to Make Your Dad Cool for Father’s Day!? Give the Gift of Comfort!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about new and exciting gifts to give Dad. Traditional gifts like ties can be underwhelming, and in this day and age it’s safe to say that Dads want gifts that are technologically advanced, but also make them feel like they are truly appreciated.

Arpi’s Heating and Air Conditioning has the perfect gift solution for you this Father’s Day. Give your Dad the ultimate gift with the grandest gesture of all: control of the thermostat! The battle over the thermostat is a long-lived tradition in many households, especially when our city experiences sudden hot or cold spells.

A study, by thermostat experts Honeywell found that the temperature of the house sparks the most arguments, with four out of 10 couples admitting that the heating causes at least two tiffs a day.

“We can help solve these problems by installing equipment in your home to help regulate your heating and cooling and keep your home more comfortable for everyone.” said Phil Laprairie, Residential Manager at Arpi’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

Arpi’s suggests giving the gift of comfort and convenience by installing a Wi-Fi enabled, smart thermostat, such as the Lennox iComfort device, in your home. The iComfort combines simplicity, innovation and convenience into one system to make controlling home comfort a breeze. Dad can control the temperature of his house from anywhere in the world using Android and iOS enabled apps for smartphones, tablets and laptops. He can also use the iComfort’s One-Touch Away system, which allows homeowners to save energy and money (for that new man-cave or sports car) when no one is home with the touch of a button.

The iComfort is perfect for Calgary homes, as it has a feature that predicts upcoming weather patterns. This means that it will automatically adjust to the temperature outside as it changes (in typical Calgary fashion). The iComfort thermostat even comes with adjustable skins that can be customized to suit Dad’s favorite color, sports team or pattern. He can even upload his favorite image to the display for complete customization.

Lastly, the iComfort can be connected to Lennox’s iHarmony Zoning system, which allows Dad to control and maintain different temperatures in different parts of the house, keeping the peace without sacrificing his own comfort needs. Pair the iComfort with an Air Conditioner unit from Arpi’s Industries, and you’re setting Dad up for a summer of cool and comfortable wellbeing in the face of the upcoming Calgary heat waves.

All in all, a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat is a great way to show Dad you care on June 21. You already know your Dad is cool, so help keep him that way with Arpi’s Heating and Air Conditioning this Father’s Day!