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How Smartphones & HVAC Go Together

How Smartphones & HVAC Go Together

woman controlling her home comfort system with smartphoneInitially, it might be hard to see how smartphones and HVAC have any connection. After all, one is the temperature control system for your property, and the other is a handheld communication device – where’s the link? The reality is that modern HVAC systems can be controlled remotely from your mobile device. No matter where you are, you can vary the temperature at home using your smartphone.

Read on to learn more about the cutting-edge technology that gives homeowners enormous control over their home temperature management. In addition, we consider the advantages that remote system management can bring to your HVAC and how it can be utilized for other systems in your property, such as security or the hot water system.

What is a Smart Home System?

At its most basic, a smart home system is one that can be controlled remotely. Although some smart home systems are controlled through a handheld console, the most common method of controlling a smart system is through a smartphone. Using a phone, authorized individuals can switch systems on and off, as well as control other aspects of their use.

When it comes to HVAC, modern systems can be controlled by a smartphone. Users can switch heating or cooling on or off, as well as control the temperature in each room or zone, depending on the type of system that is installed.

Which Systems in a Property can be Operated with a Smartphone?

Furnaces, boilers, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps can all be operated remotely – ultimately, the entire HVAC system. Further, security systems, audio-visual systems, irrigation systems, lighting, electrical appliances, blinds, entry to the premises, and gates/garage doors may be controlled remotely using smart technology.

What are the Advantages of Remotely Controlled HVAC?

Controlling HVAC remotely brings several major benefits.

Increased Comfort

If you want your property toasty warm on your return from work, you can adjust the property’s temperature while commuting or at any point during the day. Conversely, if the temperature soars during the warmer months, you can ensure your home is refreshingly cool when you arrive.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Controlling the HVAC with your smartphone ensures energy isn’t wasted heating or cooling an empty property. You can reduce the level of heating or cooling while you are out of the house, conserving energy. It can be done remotely when the temperature needs adjusting, ensuring optimal comfort with minimal energy usage.

In contrast, older HVAC systems are set to a specific temperature that will remain constant throughout the day, whether you are there or not. Suppose everybody in your family is out of the house during the day. In that case, there is the dilemma of whether to leave the HVAC on all day so that the home is comfortable when the occupants return, which wastes energy, or to switch it off, then come home to a property that is too hot or cold, depending on the season.

Ability to Respond to Unexpected Weather Conditions

Have you ever been on vacation or away on business and got caught out by a weather change back home? Many people have gone away while conditions were mild, only for a cold snap to develop when they’re away – with the heating off, frozen pipes are a worrying possibility.

In situations like these, smart HVAC really comes into its own – users can switch their furnace on while they’re away, ensuring the house is kept at a safe temperature until their return. Remember that the smart system will operate independent of location – if you’re traveling internationally, you can still control your HVAC, even if you’re thousands of miles away!

Improved Convenience

Smart HVAC can be almost instantly altered to suit changing circumstances. As control is exercised through a smartphone, there’s no need to bother with additional consoles or other devices. Wherever you are, provided you have an internet connection, you can ensure your HVAC does exactly what’s needed.

Leave it to the Professionals

To find out more about the benefits that smart technology can bring to your home, get in touch with the team at Arpi’s – we’re happy to discuss smart system options with you, enabling you to use your smart phone to control all aspects of your HVAC system!

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