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How to Respond to a Pushy HVAC Salesperson

How to Respond to a Pushy HVAC SalespersonFace it: you’ll never deal with buying a more expensive item for your house than an HVAC system, or anything that will make such a big difference for your household in long-term costs and comfort. That’s why it’s essential to work with a company whom you can trust. Unfortunately, you likely will run into a high-pressure HVAC salesperson. Following are some tried-and-true methods for holding onto your wallet when dealing with pushy salespeople, whether they’re selling you a furnace or a car.

Don’t be in a hurry — Even if your furnace is out cold in the middle of January, give yourself some time to comparison shop. As soon as a high-pressure salesperson realizes you’re in urgent need of a new furnace, A/C or whatever, they’ll go in for the kill. Always make it clear that you intend to look at your options elsewhere as well. And don’t just say it, but actually do it. The more options you consider, the more likely you’ll get what you want and need.

Beware of bogus savings — An unscrupulous HVAC salesperson may quote an inflated price, then act as if he’s doing you a huge favor by cutting the price down to what he intended to offer you in the first place.

Keep your emotions under control — There’s no reason to feel anxious or rushed while shopping for a new A/C. You’re in control of your decision, and there’s no reason you have to make one today.

Educate yourself — Before heading to the HVAC showroom, spend some time online researching the product you’re interested in buying. Never before has so much information been so easily available to consumers. Learn as much as possible about advanced features and efficiency ratings for furnaces, for example, so you’ll be ready when a pushy salesperson tries to pull the wool over your eyes.

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