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How To Improve Air Conditioning Costs Through The End Of the Cooling Season

improve air conditioning costs calgary albertaThe weather is often unpredictable, which makes knowing how to improve air conditioning costs paramount. We never truly know when warmer weather will end, but if you use some of the following tips to improve air conditioning costs, you’ll be assured of savings through the last day of the cooling season.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep an eye on airflow – In order to operate efficiently, your air conditioner must dump massive amounts of air to the outdoors through the condensing unit. Anything that blocks this release of heated air will cause the unit to consume more energy to operate. Make sure that leaves, branches and dirt buildup are kept away from the unit.
  • Ensure that outdoor coils stay clean – The outdoor coil must remain clean in order to enhance the transfer of heat out of the unit. Your service technician should clean this component during annual maintenance, but you can wipe it down gently with a damp rag or use the brush attachment of your vacuum, rubbing the coils gently to dislodge dirt.
  • Don’t forget indoor coils – The indoor coil is also critical to an efficient cooling process. Because this component is exposed to more moisture, the chances of mold and pollutants building up on it are great. This buildup can eventually affect your home’s indoor air quality, increase energy consumption and lower the cooling output of your system. But this is not a job for a homeowner. Only professionals should clean indoor coils, using a specialized solution and tools. Ensuring that the coils are professionally cleaned every year will help lock in peak performance from your system.
  • Limit heat gain – You can improve air conditioning costs by limiting heat gain throughout your home. Shade windows and use heat-generating appliances and lights during cool times of the day.

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