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How to Heat Cold Rooms

If some spaces in your home always seem too chilly in the winter, it’s smart to look for ways to heat cold rooms before the season settles in. You can start by troubleshooting some basic heating system issues that adversely affect comfort:

·       Check the room’s heating registers. Make sure that each one is fully open and that the grilles aren’t obstructed by long drapes, furniture or other items.

·       Inspect the duct damper controls. If you have duct dampers, find the control levers on the accessible runs and check that they’re all the way open on the “winter” setting.

·       Look at the furnace filter. If it’s clogged, airflow at your registers can drop, so install a clean one and check it every month during heating season.

If you’re still experiencing inconsistent heating, contact a knowledgeable HVAC professional to check for other issues. You can also get your pro’s advice on these other options to heat cold rooms.

Duct Booster Fan

A booster fan placed in the ducting can amp up the heated air output at certain registers. These fans are usually wired directly to the breaker panel, and use a pressure switch to operate in tandem with the furnace blower fan.

Radiant Cover Heater

Installing a cover heater near the ceiling can provide supplemental heat in a chilly room. These inconspicuous units heat objects and not air, so they don’t need a fan. They’re thermostat-controlled and each one requires its own dedicated circuit in your home’s main breaker box.

Through-the-Wall Ventilator Fan

If you heat with a woodstove or fireplace insert, installing a room-to-room fan between the studs can be a good way to send warm air into an adjacent colder room. These dual-speed fans are typically switch-operated and plug into a standard electrical outlet.

Toe-Space Heater

These electric heaters with built-in fans are specifically designed for installation in the space beneath a kitchen or bathroom cabinet. They may be thermostat– or switch-controlled and must be hard-wired directly to your electrical panel.

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