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How to Extend the Life of Your Calgary Home’s HVAC System

How to Extend the Life of Your Calgary Home’s HVAC SystemHeating and cooling equipment represents a major investment for most homeowners, so it’s wise to keep it well maintained with annual professional preventative care. In between maintenance checkups, you can help extend the life of the HVAC system by taking the following steps:

  • Replace the air filter. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations about the size and type of filter required, and the timing of air filter changes. As a general guideline, check the filter monthly throughout the heating and cooling seasons, and replace it every three months or when you see any accumulation of dirt or dust.
  • Keep the outdoor compressor clean. If you don’t clean it regularly, grass cuttings, dust, leaves and other debris can clog the coil on the outdoor unit. Operating the HVAC system with a dirty coil reduces energy efficiency, and can cause overheating or even an equipment failure. To prevent this, gently spray down the compressor unit periodically with the garden hose. Keep tall grass, shrubs and other vegetation trimmed back 18 inches from the compressor too.
  • Maintain good air circulation. If air doesn’t circulate properly through the system, its cooling and dehumidifying capabilities decline. Shutting vents or closing the doors to seldom-used rooms impedes critical airflow, causing a buildup of moisture that can lead to mold growth.
  • Clean the supply and return grills. Remove the vent grills in each room, vacuum them thoroughly and suction up any dirt and debris from the duct openings. When dust enters the HVAC system and builds up on sensitive components, it can shorten the equipment lifespan.
  • Check the discharge drain pipe. A plugged pipe can cause a water backup that damages the HVAC equipment. You can avert costly repairs by locating where the PVC discharge pipe ends, and checking it occasionally to ensure it isn’t blocked by debris, ice or snow. 

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