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How Can a Low-Level Carbon Monoxide Alarm Help You?

How Can a Low-Level Carbon Monoxide Alarm Help You?A low-level carbon monoxide alarm is something that can help you with both immediate threats, and long-term problems. Most standard carbon monoxide detectors will only start sounding an alarm once carbon monoxide levels reach an extremely dangerous level. While this is good for getting people out of danger quickly, carbon monoxide poisoning can occur at far lower levels than what most detectors will operate. Low-level carbon monoxide alarms can help you by both:

  • Letting you know exactly how much carbon monoxide is in the air.
  • Sounding an alarm at even a tiny amount of carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide Level Displays

Knowing exactly how much carbon monoxide there is in your home is helpful in determining if there is a leak present, and if there is, if it is getting worse. A carbon monoxide leak can come from somewhere like your furnace, water heater, or even a kitchen stove. If there is a small leak, a low-level carbon monoxide alarm will pick up on it and warn you. Even if it is something as tiny as 1 ppm (part per million), you will at least know that you do have a problem, and can take the necessary steps to fix it.

Low-Level Alarms

When the levels of carbon monoxide get past a certain limit, usually around 5-10 ppm, you will get both audio and visual alarms warning you that there is a problem. Most off-the-shelf carbon monoxide detectors only sound an alarm when you are in imminent danger, or if there has been a significant leak for a long time. With a low level detector, you can call in a professional immediately to have the leak sealed.

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