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Homeowner’s Guide To Preparing For An Annual Service Visit

Homeowner's Guide To Preparing For An Annual Service VisitKeeping your home heating and cooling systems in good working order requires regular service and preventive maintenance by a qualified HVAC professional. Here are some tips for preparing for an annual service visit that will make your technician’s job easier and improve the service you receive.

Do some minor tasks yourself
Much of what is involved in HVAC maintenance requires a trained professional. There are, however, some minor maintenance tasks you can perform that will free up the technician’s time and allow him to focus more thoroughly on technical and safety issues. You can:

  • Change the unit’s filters: Put new filters in the furnace or air conditioner at the start of the season. Check these filters every month and change them when they get dirty.
  • Clear registers and vents: Check the supply and return registers and vents to make sure they are not blocked by boxes, furniture, clothing or other obstructions. Clean the vents of accumulated dust, dirt, lint, cobwebs or other debris. Keeping vents and registers clean means these types of contaminants can’t be returned to your indoor air.
  • Clean the air handler: Clean dust and dirt from the system’s air handler, blower and fan.

Clear the path
Your technician will need space to work, so make sure the area around your HVAC unit is clear of obstructions. Remove boxes, furniture or other items so that the technician has plenty of room to move around as needed and space to keep his tools and any replacement components at hand.

Prepare a list of problems
If your heating or cooling system has been giving you particular problems, prepare a list of symptoms that you can give to your maintenance technician. With this information, the technician can look specifically for the source of these issues and do what he can to solve them.

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