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Home Additions and Upgrading Your HVAC

Home additions are certainly an incredible prospect for any homeowner. You get to choose your own layout, design all the details, and really make the new area your own, often in ways that were never fully realized when you first purchased your home. Upgrading your HVAC system to provide ample heating and cooling is one prospect that you definitely don’t want to skimp on, so we’ve compiled a bit of advice to get you ahead of the game.

System Extension

The first option you have for your home’s new addition is to simply extend the ductwork of your existing HVAC setup into the addition. For this to work properly and efficiently, there are four things to consider. First, you have to make sure that the system is rated to take on the additional heating and cooling load. Second, the unit should be less than ten years old. Third, the ductwork must be sealed and insulated. And, finally, a zoned system with its own thermostat may be the best choice to ensure proper heating and cooling.

System Upgrade

If your current HVAC system is a bit on the old side or is not rated to handle the additional heating and cooling load required for the addition, then you’ll need to opt for a system upgrade. While this will cost you a bit of money upfront, keep in mind that newer HVAC models are more efficient and thus save you money on your utility bill . You should look at this as a long-term investment for your entire home.

Independent System

To ensure the best efficiency and operation, an independent system is preferred if your addition is far away from your existing duct system. You will have the option of either a traditional forced-air system or ductless mini-split system. Your HVAC contractor can help you decide on which one is best.

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