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High Efficiency Furnaces: More Than Just A Replacement For Your Old Furnace

Replacing your furnace just got easier. Not because your furnace is old and no longer heats your home comfortably. Not just because you’ll save energy and money. High efficiency furnace replacement is so much more than that. The units do a better job heating your home and saving you energy, but they are also highly efficient.

Canadians are particularly receptive to energy-efficient products and have embraced recent governmental regulations that raise the bar for efficiency across a wide range of products, including furnaces. The government’s goal is to eventually squeeze inefficient products off the market, leaving consumers with products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save them money. For proof, consider that more than 60 percent of Canadians look for Energy Star-qualified products when upgrading equipment.

That includes furnace replacements. High efficiency furnaces, simply put, give you a better return on your investment, because you save more money on energy use over the years. Say, for instance, you upgrade from a 60 percent efficient furnace (which can be a typical rating for an older furnace) to one of the highest efficiency furnace available: 95 percent.

To figure out your return, you need to first tally the amount of annual savings on energy use. For every $100 you spend, it is estimated that you can save $37.

It gets even better, because this is where the real savings start. If it costs $4,000 to replace your furnace, you can calculate the return by dividing the installation cost by the first year of energy savings. Within a few years, you will have earned back you investment with energy savings.

High efficiency furnaces are so much more than just replacement. It puts the control in your corner and gives you more money to play with. All the while, you’re saving energy and increasing the comfort of your home. That makes spending money just a little bit easier.

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