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Heating Or Cooling A New Space? Zoning Systems Are Worth Considering

Are you the kind of homeowner that sits back and relishes the fact that you’ve gone “green” by choosing a new high efficiency furnace, content with the comfort it provides for your new home? There’s even more you can do to heat or cool space that indulges your quest to turn your home into a quiet, environmentally-friendly oasis. Zoning systems allow homeowners the ultimate in comfort, while peaking efficiency capabilities and giving you maximum control over your space.

Zoning systems work to break up the home into several zones, typically 2, 3 or 4 zones. The ideal time to integrate zoning is with a new space, so a contractor can set up the ideal ductwork to accommodate zones.

Zones are chosen according to a homeowner’s needs. Bedrooms are generally grouped together in a zone. Often, the kitchen and family room are another zone. Less used spaces, like a den, dining room or study are grouped into a zone.

Each zone has its own digital thermostat controlling settings for that space and sending messages to the heating equipment. When the bedroom zone requires less heat during the day, the thermostat sends a message to the furnace. A damper installed in the ductwork closes to shut off heat to that zone. Meanwhile, kitchen activity is just beginning to stir, and the thermostat in that zone allows heat to flow consistently. The damper opens to supply fresh, warm air.

The advantages are clear for comfort, but efficiency is also optimized. Discharge air-sensor probes are strategically placed within the ducts to monitor air flow temperature. These sensors maintain consistent temperatures for each zone and also help heating and cooling equipment operate efficiently, extending the life of the equipment.

Additionally, some zoning systems come with an auto changeover feature. This feature calls on both heating and cooling equipment to operate as needed during milder weather, providing maximum comfort and energy savings.

Don’t just settle for “green.” Go a step further with zoning systems. Your haven can become even more comfortable, offering your family maximum savings, control and efficiency.

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