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Has Your Furnace Left You Shivering This Past Winter?

Has Your Furnace Left You Shivering This Past Winter?Home heating troubles this time of year can be stressful. Whether you’re not feeling enough warmth from your registers, or you’re suddenly not getting any heat at all, there are steps you can take before calling in your HVAC professional. If your furnace left you shivering this winter, try the following checks first.

Is your thermostat functioning? If you have a digital or programmable thermostat, it may simply need a fresh battery. If you have an dial-type thermostat, take off the cover and clean the contacts.

Is the thermostat set correctly? It should be in “heat” mode, and the fan should be set on “auto”.

What’s the room temperature? If the displayed temperature is higher than the degree set on the thermostat, it won’t call for heat even though the house feels chilly.

Is the furnace turned on? Look for the power switch (it may look just like a light switch) and check that it’s in the “on” position.

Has a circuit breaker tripped? First, check your main electrical box. Then, open the furnace blower compartment to see if a fuse has blown, or if the unit’s breaker needs to be reset.

Is fuel reaching the furnace? Check along the gas line to locate the shutoff, and make sure that the handle is parallel to the pipe.

Have you replaced the filter recently? A dirty filter can restrict the amount of warm air that circulates in your home. A badly clogged air filter can cause the unit to shut down to prevent overheating.

Is the pilot lit? If the pilot light is out on your older furnace, relight it using the instructions beside the pilot opening, or in your owner’s manual.

Has your furnace left you shivering and the above tips haven’t helped? It’s time to give your HVAC pro a call. He or she can help if you have a newer unit with intermittent or hot surface ignition issues, or diagnose any other furnace problem.

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