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Get Your Furnace Maintenance Now Rather Than Later

Get Your Furnace Maintenance Now Rather Than LaterOnce summer wanes, it’s time to put together your fall maintenance checklist. One critical item that should top the list is booking a professional heating system inspection. Scheduling furnace maintenance now not only puts you ahead of the seasonal service rush, it ensures your heating system is operating reliably and efficiently when you start it up for the winter.

Scheduling Furnace Maintenance Brings Lots of Benefits

During a thorough furnace inspection, cleaning and tune-up by a skilled HVAC professional, performance problems and minor repairs are taken care of before they can escalate and leave you without heat. Since a well-maintained furnace runs at peak efficiency, you’ll also save money on heating costs. Another key benefit is the peace of mind you’ll gain that potential safely issues are resolved.

Here are some of the vital tasks you can expect a pro to tackle during a maintenance visit:

·       Blower assembly service — Fine-tuning the blower, cleaning the wheel and lubricating the motor and fan can boost its operating efficiency by up to 15 percent and ensure maximum warm airflow.

·       Electrical component check — The wiring is checked, the connections are tightened and the voltage and current on the motor are tested to make sure the furnace runs safely and reliably.

·       Fuel line inspection — The lines and connections are checked for leaks that allow hazardous fumes to escape.

·       Thermostat checkup Any necessary adjustments are made to properly calibrate the thermostat.

·       Safety control tests — The startup cycle is tested and the various system safety controls are checked as well, such as the high limit switch that shuts down the unit to avert dangerous overheating.

·       Flue system and heat exchanger inspection — Examining the vent system for leaks and obstructions and testing the integrity of the heat exchanger is essential to prevent a carbon monoxide leak that compromises your indoor air quality.

·       Burner operation assessment — To avert safely issues and maximize efficiency, the burner is cleaned, it’s checked for proper ignition, and the flame sensor operation is tested as well.

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