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Get the Most Out of the A/C This Summer

Get the Most Out of the A/C This SummerSurviving summer means maintaining the efficiency of your home cooling system, especially here in Calgary, one of Canada’s sunniest cities. To get the most out of the A/C in your home, be sure that all equipment is appropriate for your needs, clean, and working properly. Follow the tips below to ensure efficient and effective air conditioning all summer long. 

The Basics of A/C Efficiency

Air conditioners work by simultaneously keeping temperatures in a range where a home’s occupants feel cool and and removing humidity to increase comfort. At the beginning of each cycle, they release moisture as it evaporates within the evaporator coil and then begin removing it, so that more moisture is removed with longer cycles. Smaller air conditioners actually remove humidity better than larger units, as they run longer, lowering energy and other costs.

Tips for Efficiency & Effectiveness

First, ensure that equipment is properly sized and installed. For instance, a small line set will reduce efficiency and lead to higher costs, while high or low air flow across the evaporator coil will result in high humidity or higher energy use and system wear, respectively. Have an HVAC professional install and inspect your system’s equipment.

More than anything, regular maintenance is key, and most system failures result from dirt build-up. Although the accumulation of hair, grease, dust and other matter on conditioner coils cannot be prevented, greater repair and energy costs can be had by cleaning your systems’ coils. Cleanliness will maintain efficiency while decreasing running time, bills and overall costs.

Be sure to also check for leaky ductwork, which is the most common problem for HVAC systems. Leaks, lack of proper insulation, and other duct issues will raise energy bills year-round, lead to more repairs and make a larger system necessary to meet home comfort needs. Have a professional inspect your ductwork and seal or replace ducts.

Maintaining your cooling system in the above ways will keep energy, repair, and other costs low while increasing overall home comfort all summer long. Contact Arpi’s Industries Ltd. today for more tips on how to get the most out of the A/C in your Western Canada home.

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