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Germicidal UV Lights Purify Air, Kill Mold And Bacteria

Molds and bacteria inside your home are stubborn invaders. They cause unpleasant stains and odors, and are known to contribute to respiratory problems. These biological contaminants also reduce your indoor air quality, making the air within your home dangerous to breathe.

The stains and odors will often disappear with a bleach agent, but getting your indoor air free of these air-born organisms takes more than bleach.

One effective method borrows from a very old remedy – sunlight. Outdoors, molds and bacteria are killed naturally by the ultraviolet waves in sunlight; invisible waves slightly less intense than what causes sunburn. UV lights professionally installed in your HVAC air system will destroy microscopic, living, air-born allergens and purify your indoor air.

Ultraviolet lights have advantages over other methods of reducing biological contaminants:

  • Filtering systems alone will trap the air-born allergens, but the dirty filter is still laden with, and possibly breeding, the toxic, living mold and bacteria particles.
  • Forced-air purification units filter allergens out of the air, but by constantly pulling air through filtering devices, they are a constant energy drain.

UV lights also offer the following benefits:

  • UV lights, in conjunction with HEPA filtering systems, are recommended by the Centers of Disease Control for killing the disease-inducing molds, bacteria, yeasts, and viruses found in stale, recycled, indoor air.
  • A number of HVAC add-ons are available for putting UV lights to work, cleaning the air for a whole house or single rooms. Generally, a UV bulb uses about as much electricity as a regular 40W bulb, and lasts a little longer than one year.

Germicidal lights can be installed as:

  • Ductwork mounted lights
  • Photo catalytic air purifiers with differing combinations of UV, HEPA, Ozone, electrostatic, and carbon filters
  • UV lamps placed above air handler stream in central HVAC units for whole-house effectiveness

Your HVAC contractor can help you identify the right system for your needs. In the Calgary area, we have a professionally trained staff ready to help you choose and install the most effective germicidal UV system for your home.

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