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Germicidal UV Lights Are Tough On Germs In Your Air

For people who experience allergies due to poor indoor air quality, air purifiers are a must. There are various technologies on the market that effectively improve indoor air quality and help alleviate allergies. Germicidal UV lights are an extremely powerful air purifying technology with the ability to filter microorganisms, like viruses, bacteria and mold spores.

UV lights are a force to be reckoned with. The power of UV light lies in its capability to target microorganisms at the core of their DNA, killing them or preventing reproduction. Once “dead” to reproduction, they are no longer a threat to air quality.

UV lights are used in stand-alone air purifier models or as components of heating and cooling systems for whole-house purification. They work by pushing air past the UV radiation. Each time an organism passes through the UV lights, the microorganisms are zapped with radiation. Models vary, but generally purifiers expose air to radiation for a period of time, passing the air back and forth under the light to effectively kill the microorganisms.

The bulbs in a UV light system have a specific lifespan. When a bulb passes its expiration date, it continues to emit visibly colored light, even though it no longer emits UV radiation. In order to maintain effective operation, homeowners should track expiration dates carefully.

Most manufacturers of air purifiers use UV light it in combination with other technologies that effectively target particles, chemicals and odors. One of the best combinations uses HEPA filters with an air ionizer in order to trap all categories: particles, dust, allergens and microorganisms.

Get the most out of your air purifier. If you respond negatively to mold and bacteria, get tough on germs and use UV light technology. Arpi’s Industries has experienced professionals who can help you figure out your air purifying needs. They are happy to answer your questions.

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