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Furnace Finding: Some Tips for That Upcoming Replacement

Furnace Finding: Some Tips for That Upcoming ReplacementIf you’re looking for a new gas furnace, there are several types that will warm your Calgary area home while lowering utility bills. Modern gas furnaces are literally models of efficiency, designed for maximum performance and energy conservation.

Planning on a new gas furnace is one thing – choosing the best one for your needs is another. The first step on your furnace finding journey is preparation. Discuss options with your HVAC contractor and prepare yourself with a couple of important basics.


  • Furnace size is an important factor. If it’s too large, purchase and installation costs not only increase, the furnace will short cycle on and off, causing inadequate heating, component erosion and a shorter life span.
  • A too-small furnace will run constantly without properly heating your home, wasting energy and money.
  • An HVAC professional will size a furnace by calculating your climate and the size, condition and design of your home.


  • Natural gas is the most common fuel used in home heating systems, but furnace models vary in using that fuel efficiently. A furnace’s efficiency is reflected in its annual fuel-utilization-efficiency (AFUE) rating. This number tells you how much fuel is used for heat and how much fuel is wasted. The higher the AFUE rating, the greater the efficiency and the fewer environmental emissions.
  • The electricity needed to run furnaces with different AFUEs can also vary significantly depending on your climate, local utility rates and how well your home is insulated.
  • Ask your HVAC contractor to calculate the yearly estimated operating costs of the furnace model you’re considering. The estimates should also include the costs of changes to existing ductwork or venting.

Must Haves

  • Buy sealed combustion. The furnace’s burner is sealed, protecting your family from possible carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Include a variable-speed fan in order to avoid poor quality or design, uneven heating, wasting electricity or noise. Your contractor can size one to your ductwork.

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