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Four Attributes to Look for in the Ventilation System for Your Calgary Home

Four Attributes to Look for in the Ventilation System for Your Calgary HomeWith a greater focus on the environment and homeowners looking to save money, there has been a major push toward building houses tighter and more efficiently. However, this solution has created a new problem: the requirement to circulate fresh air into homes that are tightly sealed. Although they may be more efficient, most modern homes do not provide fresh air. A well-installed and maintained ventilation system can pump fresh air into the home.

Four Attributes in a Ventilation System

There are four primary characteristics to look for in a ventilation system to ensure you are receiving fresh air while still being energy-efficient including:

  1. Good controls
  2. Distribution
  3. Filtration
  4. Noise level

Good Controls

You don’t want your system to inadvertently shut off, so make sure your controls are installed where this won’t happen. Label controls and perhaps locate them in an out-of-the-way place, such as the basement, where they won’t accidentally be turned off. A programmable control may be an even better idea: It allows the homeowner to keep the system continuously on low, but to program another setting during times of high use.

Adequate Distribution

Good ventilation systems should deliver adequate air to all the rooms where it is needed. A good system design should provide remote in-line fans with ducts in several rooms to distribute air better.


The incoming air is being filtered as it goes through the ventilation system; it’s important that the HVAC system’s fan be sized right so it can accommodate the additional resistance caused by the filtration. Also, this filter should be situated where it can be easily reached.

Noise level

Finally, although the ventilation system should be working constantly, you do not want to know it is working. Instead, it should be a simple background process that you cannot hear. Make sure you have the right size fan for the system.

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