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Follow These Tips For Winterizing Your Cooling System

Follow These Tips For Winterizing Your Cooling SystemPreventive maintenance for your air conditioner is important to do before the summer season heats up, but taking steps to maintain the outdoor unit once summer’s over is just as critical. By following a few simple steps, you’ll ensure that your cooling system is ready to go next year.

Turn Off Electrical Power

When you’re not using your air conditioner, it still draws power if it’s connected to your home’s electricity. To shut off the power, switch the outside circuit panel to “off.” Turning the power off has several advantages:

  • It protects the system from electrical surges during winter storms.
  • It prevents inadvertently powering it up during winter, which can damage the system.
  • It prevents pipe freeze, as the condenser needs water to generate cool air. If left dormant in the pipes, it could freeze.

Clear Off the System

Fall weather brings leaves and other debris that can get drawn into the outdoor unit. Using a broom, clear the unit and the area around it to avoid problems. If dirt buildup occurs inside the system, its efficiency will be greatly decreased when you fire it up next year. It’s a good idea to clear the entire perimeter around the system as well to prevent buildup caused by winds.

Cover Up the Unit

If you don’t have an A/C cover, they are generally inexpensive to purchase. However, covering the A/C goes a long way toward protecting it from weather conditions, and it prevents rust, and wear and tear.

Inspect the Unit

Visually look at the entire shell of the system for cracks in its exterior. Those made of plastic are particularly prone to cracks. Cracks can indicate that the seal has broken. If you find your system is damaged, call in an expert to help.

Regularly Check the Unit

Because a buildup of heavy snow or ice on the system can cause damage if left unchecked, remove snow and ice whenever it gathers.

Protect your A/C unit now, and you’ll avoid any unnecessary repairs and enjoy cool air for many more seasons. For assistance, contact the experts at Arpi’s Industries today.

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