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Fixing Inefficient Ductwork Can Bring Energy Savings

We’re all interested in finding ways to save money on energy costs, and homeowners know one of the best ways to cut down on energy use is by insulating and modernizing our homes. Windows, doors, walls, and attics are obvious choices when it comes to upgrading or insulation jobs, but don’t forget how much heated or cooled air is lost in your duct system, too. One university study found that 15 percent of the energy loss in a home can be blamed on the the ductwork.

The first step to deciding if the ductwork in your home is sound is a visual inspection. A certified heating and cooling professional can go step by step through the areas of your home where ductwork has been installed to determine if there are any disconnected registers, broken ducts, or leaks around the registers. These problems can usually be easily repaired and this measure alone can provide energy efficiency and savings.

The ductwork expert you bring in should also determine if the system is adequate for your home, and meets local codes. Then you’ll have the information you need to determine the best course to take in increasing the efficiency of the ducting in your home. Heating and cooling professionals can also offer advice on insulation, sizing options for new ductwork, or even offer new duct routes that make more sense for your home.

Fixing one of the most important systems in your home can provide a comfortable environment for you and your family, and produce energy savings that can make you more comfortable with your wallet. Homeowners in Calgary and the surrounding areas can count on expert advice from the professionals at Arpi’s. Call us with any questions.

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