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Evaluating Your Home’s Air Leaks? Call In An HVAC Professional If You Find These Problems

Evaluating Your Home's Air Leaks? Call In An HVAC Professional If You Find These ProblemsIncreasing your home’s energy efficiency by sealing its air leaks is an effective method to control heating costs, but leaks can sometimes lead to big problems. If you find air leak problems, you should call an HVAC professional.


One of the most common problems Calgary-area homeowners can experience is ice damming, which stems from major air leaks that occur in the attic. While Alberta residents are privy to warm winds from Chinooks in winter, they also increase the likelihood of the formation of ice dams.

Because of Calgary’s geographical location, we benefit from warm winds that form through the Bow Valley, originating from the Rocky Mountains. The result is cold temperatures quickly rising as much as 40 degrees in less than a few hours. These are prime conditions for ice dams to form, because warmer temperatures cause snow on your roof to quickly melt, but when temperatures dip below freezing again, that melted snow changes to ice, which can damage your roof, eaves and gutters.

If your home has experienced ice damming even once, it’s vital that you rectify the problem in the attic, where it originates, and get the help of a professional.

Some things to consider when dealing with air leaks and moisture issues in the attic:

  • Leaks in the attic let moisture into the space, which can rot insulation and decrease the efficiency of the attic.
  • Moisture damages the attic’s rafters or floor joists.
  • Exhaust systems in your home, via a bathroom or kitchen, vented into the attic also bring moisture into the space. Ideally, exhaust fans should vent outside.
  • Your attic requires just the right combination of ventilation and sealing to produce an energy-efficient space. The attic should have ridge vents or a mechanical ventilation installed to ensure durability and health.

Don’t let the potential for air leak problems stop you from increasing your home’s efficiency. By sealing air leaks and solving bigger issues like wet insulation or ice damming, you can slash energy bills and get a more comfortable home in the process. Contact Arpi’s Industries for help with air leak problems, and for other practical ways to boost the overall efficiency of your home.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information about air leaks and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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