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Electricity Use and Your HVAC System: Change Some Practices and Save

Electricity Use and Your HVAC System: Change Some Practices and SaveYou have tried to be responsible with your electricity use and your HVAC system. You change the filters regularly, turn lights off when you leave rooms and follow the rules when it comes to temperature settings. However, what if some of the rules you learned are not correct? Changing some of your habits may save you a substantial amount of money while maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home. Some of them may surprise you:

  1. Unplug appliances when you leave the house. Many appliances employ standby power to accommodate quick turn-on. VCR’s and big-screen television sets draw power all the time, even when you have turned them off. Use a power strip to turn them off completely when you leave the house or retire for the evening to stop wasting electricity.
  2. Turn off the air conditioner when you leave. A well-insulated house may stay cool throughout the day. Keep windows closed to retain the cool air and minimize humidity.
  3. Maintain the temperature setting on a heat pump at night. Lowering it can make the heat pump run poorly when you turn it back on. Consider installing a setback thermostat to avoid this issue.
  4. When you buy an air conditioner, make sure you have purchased the correct size and the ductwork is correctly installed. to insure maximum efficiency. Improper ductwork can waste a significant amount of energy.
  5. To heat up a cold house, set the thermostat for the temperature you desire. Setting it higher will not warm it any faster.
  6. Select Energy Star appliances to save energy and money.

Electricity use and your HVAC system go hand in hand. Heating your home accounts for about two-thirds of your energy use. Whether you need to repair or replace equipment, need to schedule annual maintenance, or simply have questions, call the professionals at Arpi’s Industries Ltd. at 403-236-2444. Technicians are available 24 hours daily in Calgary, Alberta, to take care of your heating and cooling emergencies.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Calgary, Alberta about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about HVAC systems and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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