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Duct Sealing Optimizes Energy Efficiency: Follow These 3 Steps

Duct Sealing Optimizes Energy Efficiency: Follow These 3 StepsDuct sealing, one of the more cost-effective energy improvements homeowners can make, helps to control energy losses, which in turn increases your energy savings throughout every month of the year. By following these three easy tips, you can ensure the benefits of duct sealing.

Duct sealing

Because your home’s duct system consists of a series of pipes that are joined and sealed at the connections, it’s very likely that, over time, these connections will become loose. Follow these three steps to identify and fix leaks:

  1. Evaluate your duct system, looking for loose joints, damaged duct pipes or locations that leak. You should be able to feel air escaping from the system if you run your hand over the ducts with your HVAC equipment on.
  2. Purchase mastic sealant, a putty-like substance, or metal tape, both of which are specifically designed for sealing ducts. Apply a generous amount of mastic or tape around the leaky or loose joints.
  3. If you have ducts that are positioned within unconditioned areas of your home, you’ll want to apply insulation to these portions of the ductwork. Doing so will reduce conduction, a process where the heated air inside the ducts loses energy because the surrounding air is cooler.

Benefits of duct sealing

With a well-sealed duct system, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • A more comfortable home with more of the conditioned air your furnace and A/C produce delivered to your living spaces
  • Better energy savings because your HVAC equipment won’t have to compensate for energy losses from leaky ducts
  • Healthier indoor air quality because tightly-sealed ducts decrease the likelihood of backdrafting, a process whereby leaky ducks draw in carbon monoxide, and then deliver it throughout your home—a serious hazard, and one that homeowners should take seriously.

Don’t neglect to take on this easy energy-efficiency project, one that will boost your savings and home comfort at the same time. Duct sealing is a fairly simple project, but if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Arpi’s Industries. Serving Greater Calgary-area homeowners for almost 50 years, we’re always happy to help!

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