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Don’t Forget About Plumbing Preventive Maintenance

Don't Forget About Plumbing Preventive MaintenanceThe time you spend in preventive plumbing maintenance will pay you back by having a reliable plumbing system in your home. Plumbing, largely hidden from view, rarely gets the attention it requires until something goes wrong.

Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance

  • Sinks and tubs tend to back up more frequently than the kitchen sink because a large amount of soap, toothpaste and hair goes down the drains. A quick pour of table salt down the drain followed by 50 milliliters of vinegar will break up residues clinging to pipes. Let the mixture sit for at least an hour and then flush with hot water. For best results, repeat the process.
  • Inspect the toilet by putting a few drops of food coloring in the tank. After waiting an hour or so, check the color of the water in the bowl. Any color in the bowl indicates a leak between the tank and toilet that will waste water. Home centres sell replacement kits for toilet tanks that are easy to install, or contact a qualified plumber.
  • Examine the area between the floor and the toilet as part of preventive plumbing maintenance. Any moisture could indicate a bad toilet ring that needs immediate attention to avoid an expensive floor repair.

Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance

  • Make it a habit to never put grease down the sink or garbage disposal that can eventually cause a full sewer backup. If you have in the past, place a generous amount of dishwashing soap into the disposal and drain, and slowly pour a generous amount boiling water down both. Flush well with hot water from the tap. If you’ve frequently disposed of grease down the drain, repeat this step several times.
  • Buy a toilet plunger the next time you go to the hardware store and mark it for kitchen use only. When you have a slow drain, plunge the sink instead of using drain opener that can harm the pipes.

Having dependable plumbing depends on how often you practice preventive plumbing maintenance. To learn more about protecting your plumbing, contact Arpi’s Industries, providing trusted plumbing and HVAC services for Calgary homeowners.

Credit/Copyright Attribution: “schatzy/Shutterstock”