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Do You Know the Right HVAC Size to Get in Your Home?

HVAC sizeWhen upgrading or replacing your HVAC unit, you’re likely going to consider factors such as the manufacturer, customer reviews, and features. However, one thing you should make sure to not overlook is the HVAC size. Sizing your HVAC is a key part of ensuring the HVAC unit you buy provides satisfactory performance and keeps your home comfortable throughout the year.

Why HVAC Size Is Important

Sizing your HVAC unit correctly is important because a mismatched HVAC size can lead to performance issues. If your HVAC unit is too small, it won’t be able to effectively heat or cool your home. This leads to the HVAC unit having to run longer, increasing energy costs, meaning it may not be able to effectively control your home’s temperature. If your HVAC unit is too large, it will kick on and off frequently due to being too large, meaning that you overpay for power you don’t need and the unit may not last as long as it should due to being incorrectly sized.

Calculating the Proper HVAC Size

There are several figures you can use to calculate what size HVAC unit you need. The figures are the total square footage of your home, calculating the base British Thermal Unit (BTU) you need, and accounting for high ceilings if you have them. To simplify, total home square footage multiplied by 25 will give you a BTU figure, and if you do have high ceilings, multiply that BTU figure by 1.25 to give you an exact figure. If you need assistance with your calculations or if you have a base figure and want advice on HVAC options, a professional can help.

When You Need the Best in HVAC Service and Installation

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