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Determining the Best Spot for Your Tankless Water Heater

Determining the Best Spot for Your Tankless Water HeaterIf you are upgrading to a tankless water heater, you’re likely aware that an efficient water heating system can significantly reduce energy bills in the typical home. Bear in mind that properly locating your new tankless system is key for maximizing energy savings and eliminating unnecessary installation costs. Keep reading to learn which factors determine the best location for your new system.

Consider the Energy Source for a Tankless Unit

The energy source your tankless unit uses for heating water is an important installation factor. The majority of tankless water heaters use natural gas to heat water. Gas systems are more powerful, yet typically less expensive to operate than electric models.

On the other hand, by installing a network of multiple electric tankless units at point-of-use applications, you can use less energy than a whole-home gas system, though your installation costs are generally going to be more.

Conventional Water Heater Locations

The type of installation you are undertaking, such as new home design or just replacing your storage water heater, is another important factor. For new home design, locate your tankless water heater closest to the appliances and fixtures that use the most hot water. In this way, you will reduce the time it takes to receive hot water, which reduces water heating costs.

Your plumbing contractor can calculate which appliances and fixtures are going to use the most hot water, which is referred to as gallons per minute (GPM). At the same time, the tankless unit can be properly sized to ensure your hot water needs are met without installing an oversized system.

If you are one of many homeowners who have decided to replace an inefficient storage water heater with a new tankless unit, a common location is simply at the same spot as the storage unit. Like storage water heaters, gas tankless systems need venting and water, power and gas lines. By locating your tankless unit at the same location, you reduce labor costs for running new lines and venting.

It is recommended that a water softener be installed along with a new tankless unit to reduce scale build-up. And remember to consider that a tankless unit may not be able to supply multiple appliances at the same time. Multiple tankless units may be required to meet the load. 

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