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Crown Boiler’s Position on Flood Damaged Boilers

As policy, Crown Boiler Co. does not endorse the repair of boilers which have been exposed to flooding. Instead, we recommend that boilers exposed to flood waters be replaced by a qualified HVAC contractor.

Controls exposed to flood water pose a serious hazard because they may no longer operate as originally intended. Thermal insulation may also be damaged by water. In addition, flood waters may carry foreign materials into parts of the boiler where they are not easily detected or removed. Attempts to use equipment with water damaged controls, wiring, or other components may therefore result in fires, flashbacks, explosions, electrical shock, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Even if the equipment appears to be operating properly, it should be replaced if it has been exposed to flooding. It may take a week, month,or even longer for a problem to appear. It is therefore safer to replace such equipment than to try and repair it.
This recommendation applies regardless of the degree to which the boiler has been damaged by flood waters and is generally consistent with recommendations published by industry groups such as the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute.