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Cracked Toilet: How to Know When It’s Beyond Fixing

Cracked Toilet: How to Know When It's Beyond FixingA cracked toilet isn’t always easy to detect because the cracks may not be readily visible. Sometimes the crack in your toilet has been there all along or a cracked toilet can develop unexpectedly and quickly begin leaking. A cracked toilet can present an assortment of problems for homeowners. It’s important to determine if the crack is unsafe or cosmetic, where it is, whether it can be repaired or should be replaced.

  • Identify the problem—If the crack’s inside your tank and is more than 1/16 inch wide, you should replace your tank. External hairline cracks are frequently cosmetic and can be repaired by sealing them with plumbing epoxy. Cracks on the bowl’s interior are cause for concern and may require replacing your toilet.

Tip: Periodically inspect your tank and bowl for any cracks when you clean the toilet. Also be on the lookout for leaking water when you flush.

  • Cracked Toilet Tank—Cracks on your toilet tank can be above or below the water level and on the interior or exterior. Typically, a crack above the water level is only a problem if it grows slowly. Mark any crack and monitor it to be sure it doesn’t get bigger. A crack below the water level is tough to see and will need to be fixed. Examine the seals between the tank and bowl and the porcelain.

Tip: A crack in the tank may be repaired with a porcelain sealer, which means thoroughly draining and drying your tank first. Replacement may be your best choice.

  • Cracked Toilet Bowl—A bowl that’s cracked above the water level may only need monitoring while one below could be more complicated. If the crack’s visible in the part of the bowl that holds the water, your only option is to replace the toilet.

Tip: If you find water on the floor near your toilet you probably have a cracked toilet bowl.

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