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The Cooling Season In Calgary May Be Near The End, But Preventive Maintenance Should Not Be Ignored

The time to turn up the air conditioning and cool off the house may be over soon — but that doesn’t mean you should ignore preventive maintenance for HVAC systems. It’s actually a common misconception that you only need to perform maintenance on your cooling system before Calgary’s warm months. In reality, the best way to ensure that your system is fully functional and operating at peak efficiency is to conduct preventive maintenance at the beginning and end of each season.

And even if you forgot to schedule maintenance a few months ago, it never hurts to get your system checked toward the end of the cooling season. A few easy steps can translate to big savings. For instance, installing digital thermostats and choosing units with higher SEER ratings are guaranteed to help you save money during the summer months.

Scheduling a preventive maintenance checkup is easy and, most important, translates to a more efficient cooling system — which means you save money. Here are a few things that your technician will do during a checkup:

  • Clean the blower assembly, air filters and any debris from inside the cabinet of outdoor units
  • Lubricate the motor and replace the fan belt on older models if necessary
  • Inspect the evaporator coil and drain pan
  • Check for signs of corrosion in the flue system (if applicable)
  • Inspect the compressor and tubing
  • Carefully inspect the control box and associated electronic parts for abnormal wear
  • Monitor and check the system as it runs

Feel free to ask your technician about the process. He or she will often have great tips on additional ways to save. And if you’ve noticed bills being a bit higher lately but haven’t changed your air conditioning habits, a preventive maintenance checkup is one of the most reliable ways to find any potential issues.

Residents of Calgary and the surrounding areas can easily schedule maintenance with the reliable technicians at Arpi’s. We’ll make sure that comfortable, economical cooling months are in your future.

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