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Considering Using UV Lights to Improve IAQ? Here’s What to Know

Considering Using UV Lights to Improve IAQ? Here's What to KnowUV lights neutralize airborne contaminants that air filtration alone can’t eliminate. Indoor air pollution is composed of many factors. Much of it is inorganic particulates like dust or fibers you can actually see floating around or settling on household surfaces. These irritants can usually be controlled by installing a quality air filter and remembering to change it regularly.

However, other indoor contaminants aren’t inorganic substances nor even visible to the naked eye. Viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other airborne microorganisms can infect the indoor environment. Most are so tiny that they easily slip through a household air filter. Even when they are captured by the filter, however, they usually survive. In fact, toxic microorganisms often thrive and multiply inside air filter media, continuing to disperse pathogens throughout your duct system and living spaces.

Clearing The Air

Restoring healthy air quality means neutralizing these living pollutants. UV lights installed inside your HVAC ductwork expose microorganisms to the natural germicidal effects of ultraviolet light. For over 100 years, ultraviolet light arrays have been utilized to disinfect hospital rooms and surgical instruments. Today, many water utilities also use UV light to control toxic microorganisms in the municipal water supply. Ultraviolet light neutralizes these pathogens by destroying their ability to multiply but has no effect on humans.

Here are some typical applications for ultraviolet lights in your HVAC system:

  • UV lights installed in the HVAC ductwork continuously disinfect the airflow as it passes through the ducts. Because the entire air volume inside your house passes circulates the ducts multiple times per day, indoor air quality is continuously sanitized and safeguarded.
  • Ultraviolet lights may also be installed at specific components of the HVAC system where bacteria and mold typically thrive, such as the air conditioner evaporator coil inside the indoor air handler. A UV light tube continuously exposes the surfaces of the coil to disinfecting ultraviolet light that eliminates these microorganisms and prevents further spread into the house and ductwork.

UV lights in your HVAC ductwork require installation and adjustment by a qualified HVAC technician. For more information, contact the professionals at Arpi’s Industries.

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