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Consider These Factors When Choosing A Water Heater

Water heaters provide Canadians with a basic substance that’s critical to life’s routine. When there’s a problem with your water heater and it’s time to upgrade, it’s difficult to wade through all the choices. The following list includes essential factors to consider.

Fuel Source

Calgary residents generally use natural gas, electric or propane as a fuel source. Ideally, when choosing a water heater, you want to look at using the same source. However, changing the fuel source at the time of upgrade makes sense, as long as you factor in adjustments for venting and the ability to connect to that new source.


Storage tank water heaters are popular among Canadians, and are characterized by their large holding tanks. New models can produce heat up to 40 percent more efficiently than older models.

Tankless water heaters, often installed under sink cabinets or in closets, produce water, “on demand,” making them highly efficient systems. However, tankless units cannot always produce an adequate supply to the entire home.

Integrated space/water heaters function by combining heating efforts through a boiler, combustion burner and a vent. These systems are most efficient in colder regions with long winter seasons.

Heat pump water heaters work by withdrawing heat from the air and then moving that heat to the desired location. (This system works well for both heating and cooling functions.)

Tank Size

Tank size and capacity to heat vary with each type of water heater. To accurately gauge your household’s needs, assess how much water you use at peak times. Working with a contractor, calculate the capacity you need against a water heater’s production. For instance, a storage heater’s capacity is rated by its ability and speed to produce hot water. However, a tankless water heater produces endless hot water, while the flow and force vary.

With 20 percent of heating and cooling costs attributed to heating water, it’s important to make the right choice, considering fuel source, type of heater and capacity. Arpi’s Industries LTD. is happy to answer any questions you have, and to take on your installation jobs.

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