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A Clean Air Filter Will Boost Comfort And Efficiency

A Clean Air Filter Will Boost Comfort And EfficiencyThe value of having clean air filters cannot be overstated. In fact, dirty air filters are generally believed to be the single, most-contributing factor to a failed heating and cooling system. There are other benefits to ensuring that your air filter is clean, and it’s a relatively simple task that takes just a few seconds.

This low-cost maintenance step ensures that your system will:

  • Operate without fail – A dirty filter leads to a number of problems. Namely, when a filter is full of dirt and pollutants, it will restrict the free flow of air into the HVAC system. Without proper airflow, the motor could overheat and lead to a failed system. Compared to the cost of replacing a furnace or A/C, purchasing filter replacements costs little, but provides significant value.
  • Operate efficiently – When an air filter becomes dirty, improper airflow causes the motor to work harder, using more energy to create a comfortably conditioned home. In addition, it’s possible that pollutants in your home’s air supply will eventually get around that dirty filter, finding a resting place within your HVAC system, which will also lead to higher operating costs.
  • Require fewer repairs – As clogged filters decrease system efficiency and put strain on system components, they often lead to otherwise unnecessary repairs. Routine filter maintenance can prevent these occurrences.
  • Ensure energy savings – With a clean filter in place, and your system operating efficiently, you’ll be able to increase energy savings.

Keeping your filter clean is easy. Just check it about once a month, and change it if it looks dirty or if you can’t see through the filter.

Now that you know how valuable clean air filters are to the health and efficiency of your HVAC equipment, go ahead and stock up on filter replacements for the summer. For expert advice, or just to ask a question, contact Arpi’s Industries– serving greater Calgary-area homeowners for almost 50 years.

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