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Choosing A UV Light System? What You Should Know About Their Germicidal Capabilities

UV lights calgary albertaAn air purification or filtration system provides a strong line of defense against the airborne contaminants that can make you and your family uncomfortable. In combination with physical filtration, an ultraviolet (UV) light system is an additional strong weapon against biological contaminants, harmful microorganisms and disease-causing germs, viruses and bacteria. When choosing a UV light system for your home, keep in mind the germicidal capabilities of UV lights.

  • UV light is an extremely powerful disinfectant: UV light has very strong germicidal qualities. It is used in settings where clean and sterile environments are critical. Hospitals use UV light to sterilize surgical instruments and operating rooms. Food production facilities use it to help clean and sanitize food handling and preparation areas. Industry uses UV light in manufacturing settings that must be kept germ-free. Humans cannot see UV light with the naked eye, but it is no less effective for being invisible.
  • UV light destroys biological contaminants: When microorganisms such as germs, bacteria, viruses and mold spores are exposed to UV light, it causes irreparable damage to the DNA of these tiny creatures. They are sterilized and rendered unable to reproduce. If these microorganisms cannot reproduce, they cannot establish a population and spread throughout your home and into your body, where they can cause disease and respiratory troubles. UV lights can be especially beneficial during humid summer months when indoor mold is more likely to develop.
  • Microorganisms must be directly exposed to UV light: The effectiveness of a UV light system depends on how thoroughly microorganisms are exposed to the light. Indirect or minimal exposure will not be sufficient; biological contaminants must be directly exposed to UV light for it to work properly. A few seconds of exposure, however, is usually enough.

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