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Checklists Can Be Helpful: What A Contractor Should Check During Preventive Maintenance

Giving your heating and cooling equipment regular preventive maintenance is important, but how do you know that your systems are getting the right kind of attention ? How can you tell if a contractor does a thorough inspection? Arpi’s offers this checklist so that you can make sure that all of the critical components of your systems are examined.

An air conditioner should receive preventive maintenance before the summer season begins. All of the system’s main components should be thoroughly examined, cleaned and repaired as necessary. The filter and coil work together, and they must be maintained well. The filter is important because it traps dirt and debris before they enter the system. And clean coils keep the A/C running efficiently, making it last as long as possible. Other components that should be checked are the motor, compressor, heat exchanger and electrical parts.

A furnace should ideally be examined before the height of the season to keep it humming all winter. The air filter needs to be clean, as it prevents dirt from building up in the furnace and protects the air handler, fan and blower. Your contractor should also inspect the burner, heat exchanger, motor, condensate drain, gas and electrical connections.

During maintenance, your contractor should check that the heating or cooling systems cycle on and off properly and respond accurately to the thermostat’s settings.

You may think that the air conditioner and furnace are the only two components involved in preventive maintenance. But the ductwork distribution system is also critical. Without it, the home wouldn’t receive an even flow of conditioned air. Your contractor should check to make sure that all visible duct joints are tightly sealed to prevent air leaks (and energy losses). The balance of air supply and return should also be inspected so that air circulation is ensured.

Regular preventive maintenance is vital to the health and long life of your heating and cooling system. Using our checklist, you can make sure that your system gets top-notch care. The experts at Arpi’s have a wealth of experience serving a wide range of home heating and cooling systems. Contact us to arrange service.

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