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Changing Air Filters Monthly During Winter Is Crucial

Furnace air filters are key to maintaining efficient operations for the unit itself, as well as prolonging the life of the furnace. Picture the air filter acting as the gatekeeper to your home’s central command comfort post. Not only does the filter act like a sieve to strain out bad air from circulating back into your home; it also protects the command center that works to produce heat.

There are many reasons why changing air filters is important, such as preserving the life of the furnace, ensuring good indoor air quality, and maintaining efficient operations. However, it’s often less clear why changing air filters regularly is important.

During the winter season, Canadian homeowners, especially those in Alberta, need to run their furnaces continuously. These are long months where your furnace is working double-time to produce comfortable temperatures. So, what would happen if you didn’t change the filter?

Without a clean filter, a furnace has to work twice as hard to pull fresh air into the unit. This leads to less efficient operations. Without the protection of the filter, dirt and debris releases into the air. While this may cause some discomfort and is just plain bothersome, the bigger problem lies in what happens to the dirt that gets through the filter because it’s clogged. That dirt and debris makes its way into the furnace, attaching itself to the evaporating coils, blower motor and fan, leading to equipment failure and the unexpected cost of replacement.

There are a few conditions that make monthly air filter changes essential:

  • Extended winter use.
  • Furry pets.
  • You live in a dusty area.
  • There is a smoker in the home.
  • Using a highly efficient filter requires more frequent changes as these filters collect more dirt.

By adhering to the guideline for changing air filters monthly, homeowners will get cleaner indoor air, an efficient furnace, and extended life of the furnace.

Of course, the professionals at Arpi’s are always happy to offer expert advice on maintenance schedules and the kinds of filters best suited to your system. Give us a call if we can help.

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