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Can Your Plumbing System Be Affected by Cold Weather?

The fall and winter bring with them several enjoyable holidays and outdoor activities to enjoy. However, that same winter weather can be hazardous to your home’s plumbing if you are not adequately prepared. By making proper cold-weather-plumbing preparations, you can have your plumbing ready for whatever the cold may bring.


Four Cold-Weather-Plumbing Tips

1. Insulate Your Pipes 

One of the best cold-weather-plumbing tips is to properly insulate your pipes. By adding a heat sleeve, insulation, or heating tape to a bare pipe, you increase its ability to resist the cold.

2. Allow for Airflow 

To protect your pipes from the cold, warm air has to be able to reach them. You can improve airflow by opening the cabinets in your bathroom and kitchen and also by making sure all of your home’s vents are open and unblocked.

3. Close All Outdoor Valves 

Before the colder parts of the year, you should prepare your external plumbing as well. This means putting away all garden hoses, draining water from the pipes, and installing covers on your hose bibs to prevent heat from escaping.

4. Manage the Temperature

During periods of extreme cold, you can protect your pipes by keeping your home’s temperature consistent. This may require manual programming of your thermostat and a bit of oversight, but it helps protect your home. 

How a Professional Can Help with Cold-Weather Plumbing 

One of the best ways to ensure that your home’s pipes are ready for the cold is to contact a professional for assistance with cold-weather plumbing. At Arpi’s Industries, we are committed to helping our customers keep their homes safe and comfortable throughout the year. If you’re worried about the ability of your pipes to handle the cold or end up with a cold-weather plumbing emergency, we can help. All homeowners in the greater Calgary area are invited to contact us today to learn more about how we can help prepare your home’s plumbing system for the coming cold weather.