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Can Weatherizing Your Home Save You Money? You Bet!

Can Weatherizing Your Home Save You Money? You Bet!Weatherizing your home is a good idea in any climate; a well-insulated house is more energy-efficient, and your wallet reaps just as many rewards as the environment. In Calgary, it’s particularly important; even Southern Alberta gets very cold during the winter, and living in a windy prairie doesn’t help. So, how do you minimize the climate’s effect on your utility bill without sacrificing your home comfort? Just focus on a few important weatherizing techniques. 

Seal and Insulate 

Temperatures can dip below zero from November through February, and even with the Chinook to raise freezing temperatures and thaw snow, winter winds make the bitter cold worse. Unfortunately, cold drafts are responsible for a lot of wasted energy every year (up to 30 percent of your total energy use). Keep the wind out and the warmth in by taking these cost-effective steps: 

  • Caulk and seal the space around doors, windows, other openings
  • Remove window A/C units
  • Schedule a furnace cleaning
  • Spread insulation in the attic
  • Wedge towels and pillows beneath doors

Block Out Heat Gain

In summer, insulation and caulking can be almost as important for saving money by keeping cool air from escaping, and warm air from getting in. Also, check your insulation in walls and attics; use drapes or blinds to keep out sun if necessary; avoid running appliances such as dishwashers and dryers in the heat of the day.

Also, no matter the season, replace your air filter regularly. During the winter, reverse your ceiling fans to push warm air back down to the floor. 

For more information about weatherizing your home, contact us at Arpi’s Industries Ltd. in Calgary. Our team of trusted HVAC experts can handle all your heating and cooling needs, but we also believe every homeowner has the right to take charge of his or her own comfort. That’s why we’re always eager to help you learn more about saving energy, maintaining your HVAC system, and knowing whom to trust. Call Arpi’s now at (403) 236-2444 to find out more about protecting your home and budget from the Canadian climate. 

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Calgary, Alberta about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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