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Buying a New Home? Schedule an HVAC Inspection Before Sealing the Deal

Buying a New Home? Schedule an HVAC Inspection Before Sealing the Deal

Congratulations, you're buying a new home! It's got everything you want, including a den, a swimming pool and enough bedrooms to fit your family. But before you sign the paperwork on your dream home, it's important to make sure that the HVAC system is in proper working order by scheduling an HVAC inspection.

HVAC Inspection for an Older Home

When you plan to buy a home that's been owned before, you'll have it inspected to see what shape it's in and what kind of work it needs. Many people, however, don't think to inspect the HVAC system, even though it may have any number of issues, particularly if it's more than a few years old. A thorough inspection will make sure that the system is safe to operate, in good working order and running efficiently.

If HVAC problems are found, they can lead to a reduction in the asking price for the home. Depending on how severe they are, they may also necessitate anything from a few minor repairs to installing a completely new system. Once you've purchased the home, be sure to have your HVAC system inspected annually to keep it running efficiently.

HVAC Inspection for a New Home

You may think that because you're buying a newly built home, complete with a new HVAC system, everything will work perfectly and be in top condition, but this isn't necessarily the case. There are a number of potential problems that your HVAC contractor should inspect for. These include:

  • Mold: Leading to asthma attacks and other health issues, mold is something that needs to be found and removed quickly from any home.
  • Ventilation problems: Is air able to circulate adequately through your home via registers, windows and ductwork?
  • Leaks in ductwork: If air leaks out of the ducts, it can cause significant energy losses.
  • Unsafe carbon monoxide levels: Carbon monoxide (CO) exposure can lead to illness or even death. It often comes from a furnace that isn't working properly.

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