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Boost Indoor Air Quality Before Allergies Start This Spring

Whether pollen, moulds, dust or some other pollutant present in spring triggers your allergies, or those of a family member, now’s the time to develop a strategy to boost indoor air quality. By doing so, you’ll create a refuge from outdoor triggers, and prevent them from accessing your indoor space.

  • Use your A/C to your advantage. Even if you operate the A/C using the fan-only option during milder temperatures, running the fan moves the home’s air through the systems’ air filter, which traps impurities. Running the cooling system helps remove humidity, too. If moisture triggers your allergies, use the air conditioner to keep the home’s humidity levels within a safe range.
  • Change the filter. Replacing a full, dirty filter allows the HVAC system to get the job done, removing pollutants from the air that trigger allergies. In homes where allergy sufferers reside, it’s helpful to replace the filter every month, or even more frequently.
  • Don’t bring pollutants inside. Pollen, moulds and more on the bottom of shoes are often tracked into the home. Remove shoes at the door to put a stop to this practice. If you spend some time outside, pollutants are likely to land on your clothing too. Remove them promptly upon entering the home, and put on a new change of clothing.
  • Wash bedding regularly. To get a good sleep at night, wash bedding in hot water once a week to remove pollutants and kill dust mites, leaving you with a restful, pollutant-free place in which to sleep.
  • Clean – Keeping the home clear of clutter, vacuuming regularly with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum, and dusting with an electrostatic cloth will boost indoor air quality.
  • Use a purifier – Along with other steps to boost indoor air quality, employ a whole-house air purifier to assist in the process. Choose a system that targets the pollutants that trigger allergies for optimal results.

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