The Best Ways to Clean Your HVAC Unit

You’re counting on your HVAC system to keep you nice and warm this winter. Have you considered that your HVAC system counts on you too? Not to stay warm, of course, but to keep its components and filters clean for efficient operation and cleaner indoor air. What follows are three essential ways to help clean HVAC systems going into the new year.

Replace the Air Filters

Filters seem like such a mundane part of your HVAC system, but the furnace air filter is foremost when it comes to a clean HVAC unit. Read the packaging on your air filter and make sure you are changing it as suggested by the manufacturer. A dirty air filter makes your HVAC unit use more energy and can actually lead to parts failing.

Clean the Registers and Grilles

You may be doing this step when you clean the carpets or floors in your home. If not, add it to your list of ways to ensure a clean HVAC. The registers and grilles need to be wiped free of dust and dirt. If the registers and return grilles seem overly dirty, you may need to be changing the air filter more often.

To clean the registers and grilles, just use a damp cloth or the brush extension on your vacuum cleaner. This will ensure that you keep the dust and dirt on the registers and grilles from floating around your home.

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

For a truly clean HVAC unit, you should be scheduling preventive maintenance with your HVAC company. A professional HVAC technician is trained to safely clean vital components and to check for any problems that may exist or may be lurking before they cause major troubles.

For assistance with a clean HVAC system or to schedule preventive maintenance, please contact Arpi’s Industries today!