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The Best Time to Replace a Furnace

The Best Time to Replace a FurnaceWith spring well in progress in Alberta, you likely aren’t putting much thought into replacing the furnace that just completed another hard season keeping your home warm. But spring isn’t a bad time to replace a furnace if yours is near the end of its service life, or is an older model that has been experiencing a lot of repair issues.

Find out some great reasons why now’s a great time to consider a furnace replacement:

  • Prices are likely to be lower now than in the fall or winter. Not surprisingly, demand is low for furnaces this time of year, with most people thinking more about air conditioning than heating. Meanwhile, HVAC dealers are likely to be keen to unload last year’s residual stock as they begin restocking for next winter. Whenever you decide to replace a furnace (or any HVAC system), make sure you ask about available rebates from HVAC companies.
  • For the same reason that prices probably will be lower, you’ll have a greater range of options to choose from in terms of brands, types, efficiency levels and available advanced features. For the same price as you’d pay next winter, you might be able to afford higher efficiency and more energy-saving features.
  • You’ll have a much greater chance of getting the right furnace for your home in the spring when you can take the time to research and study your options. This avoids a situation where your furnace suddenly gives up the ghost in the dead of winter, leaving you without heat and not many options. Plus, it will be easier scheduling an installation in the spring than during the heating season when HVAC contractors are always busy.

If you decide to replace a furnace in your home this winter, consider also replacing the A/C system, if it’s around the same age as the furnace. Matched furnace and A/C sets work together more efficiently and effectively, and are cheaper when purchased together than apart.

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