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The Best Household Fans

This time of year, the word “fan” likely brings to mind amped-up crowds enjoying March Madness, the Super Bowl, or the Final 8. If you’re looking for a way to amp up energy efficiency in your home and enjoy greater comfort, you need to investigate the following best household fans:

Floor Fans

There are various styles of floor fans available to suit different needs, such as height-adjustable, oscillating pedestal fans, drum or barrel fans, and high-velocity tilting floor fans that produce powerful air circulation. Floor fans typically offer multiple speeds, and some come with a remote control. When you’re comparing different models, look for one that’s easy to take apart for cleaning.

Tower Fans

The slim, sleek design of a tower fan makes it a superb option if you’re looking for a model that provides targeted or oscillating air movement without taking up much floor space. Higher-end tower fans come with features like an energy-saving setting, a timer, and a long-range remote control.

Window Fans

If you want to improve ventilation in specific rooms during the spring or fall when air conditioning isn’t needed, consider adding a window fan with a built-in screen that fits any size opening. Most have two multi-speed, side-by-side fans that can operate independently, and some even switch blade direction to draw in or expel air outdoors.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans come in sizes ranging up to 55 inches, with multiple speed settings and reversible blades. Many models have light kits, and they can be wired to a wall switch, or operated by remote control. Running ceiling fans strategically in occupied rooms can help you save energy: In the summer, the air movement created helps cool the skin, so you can raise your thermostat setting. In the winter, switch the blade direction so the fans push heated air down from the ceilings, and you can lower the temperature setting a few degrees. The most efficient fans are Energy Star-certified models that meet strict criteria for energy consumption vs. airflow output.

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