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Benefits of Modulating Furnaces

Benefits of Modulating FurnacesIf you’re considering replacing your aging furnace, it’s worthwhile learning about the latest comfort and efficiency-boosting developments in home heating technology, and modulating furnaces are a perfect example.

Modulating Furnace Basics

A modulating furnace features two of the best and latest heating advancements — a variable-speed blower and a modulating gas valve. Both of these components are able to make incremental adjustments to provide more precise comfort while using the least amount of electricity and gas.

When the furnace first starts up, the gas valve opens fully to begin generating heat at 100 percent capacity. Then, the valve slowly closes to decrease fuel consumption and the variable-speed blower starts operating on the lowest setting and gradually ramps up. When the thermostat temperature setting is reached, the two components adjust to the lowest setting needed to maintain it.

Why Invest in a Modulating Furnace?

If you currently have a standard, single-stage furnace, you can reap some impressive benefits by upgrading to a modulating model:

·       Energy and cost savings. Modulating furnaces are rated among the most efficient options available today, and offer annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings of up to 98 percent. This gives a dual benefit of saving money on energy and the opportunity to recoup the upfront cost faster.

·       Quiet operation. Your variable-speed blower will run on the lowest speed a lot of the time and for prolonged cycles. The result is that you won’t have that frequent “bang” as it starts up, and you may not hear any noise at all when it’s operating.

·       Enhanced air filtration. Your indoor air is drawn through the filter more often during those long cycles, so you’ll benefit from better air quality.

·       Increased comfort. Modulating furnaces produce and distribute heat at a steady, even pace, so there are fewer hot or cold spots and temperature variations throughout your home.

·       Longer equipment lifespan. Running on the lowest possible settings puts less wear and tear on the various components, so your furnace can last longer.

To learn more about the benefits of modulating furnaces, contact the Calgary home comfort pros at Arpi’s Industries today.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Calgary, Alberta about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information about modulating furnaces and other HVAC topics, talk to an Arpi’s technician today.

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