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Be an Early Bird on Your A/C Tune Up

It’s always recommended that you schedule maintenance on your HVAC system at least twice a year — in the spring to ensure your air conditioner works right when warm weather arrives, and in the fall, so that your furnace or other heating system will get you through winter. Right now, spring weather may seem very far away, but it’ll be here before you know it. That’s why it’s a good idea to beat the rush and schedule your A/C tune up soon.

Why Schedule an A/C Tune Up?

Scheduling an annual air conditioner tune-up offers many benefits, including these:

  • More efficient operation. Your A/C will perform better when it’s regularly maintained. A trained HVAC technician can target problems that may be impeding your system’s performance and fix them so they don’t result in higher utility bills. Your HVAC tech will be on the lookout for problems that cause inefficient operation, such as a dirty air filters, dirty coils or leaking air ducts.
  • Less likelihood of breakdown. Having your HVAC system serviced regularly means technicians will be more likely to spot potential problems before they develop into full-fledged breakdowns, requiring expensive repairs. Many times, by just replacing a part when it starts to show signs of wear, you can avoid more serious equipment failures.
  • HVAC system will last longer. HVAC systems that are regularly serviced last longer than those that receive no attention. Just changing the filter regularly, for instance, helps keep your system clean so that it runs cooler, with less friction. A clean filter also promotes better air flow, so that the system doesn’t labor to cool or heat your home.

When Your HVAC Tech Calls

Your HVAC tech will perform a number of tasks during A/C spring maintenance, including inspecting the coils, condensate drain pan and line, the electrical wiring and the refrigerant lines. The inspection should also include checking the refrigerant level and the ductwork, plus testing controls, thermostat, blower and compressor amp draw.

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