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Are Your Home’s Ducts Tight Enough to Keep Heat Inside?

Are Your Home’s Ducts Tight Enough to Keep Heat Inside?Having a furnace in good condition is a fundamental necessity during Calgary’s frigid winters. If your heating bill has gone up unexpectedly or if your home has hot and cold spots, you may have problems with your ductwork. Here are some tips to help you determine if you no longer have tight ducts:

1.    The first step in diagnosing the heating problem is to check to make sure that none of your registers are closed or blocked by furniture or dirt and other debris. Once you have cleaned the registers and removed any obstructions, the problems frequently resolve themselves with no further effort required.

2.    Listen carefully for wheezing or high pitched sounds. These sounds indicate that there are blockages, causing air to have trouble passing through the ducts.

3.    In order for heat to travel properly, you need to have tight ducts. If you hear shaking or rattling sounds, your problems may be caused by damaged or loose ductwork.

4.    Compare temperatures in multiple areas of your home. If there is a significant difference between rooms, you are likely to be dealing with heat loss from leaky ductwork.

Once you have determined that your ductwork may need to be cleaned, tightened or replaced, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced HVAC company. Locating the damaged or blocked ductwork requires professional equipment. Additionally, while simple repairs can be done at home with duct tape and other consumer grade materials, they are generally ineffective and will not last for very long. Professional duct sealing is done with fiberglass, mastic, screws and metal tape. While the technician is checking for leaks and blockages, they will measure your ducts and see if they are an appropriate size to heat your home.

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